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MBA Coach UK

Get into a top 50 MBA programs with
at least 20% scholarship

We put our money where our mouth is!

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MBA Coach offers you three clear tracks 

Get into a top 50 MBA Program 

You will get
   - preparation to score at least 650 on GAMT online or in Cardiff, United Kingdom 
   - coaching to target your top MBA schools in various rankings from United Kingdom and prepare your essays
   - coaching to score at least 100 on TOEFL
   - coaching for the interview  
   - coaching online or in Cardiff, United Kingdom

Finish your MBA Top 40%

MBA Coach will help you by
   - coaching for taking the most out of your classes 
   - coaching and mock up sessions for networking, which is the key to success
   - coaching to consultative skills. No matter if you will apply for a consultant position or not, these skills are mandatory for an MBA. 
   - business coaching - how is in the real life, how is a real project in a real company,

Get into your dream job

You will get
   - an individual career assessment post MBA degree
   - coaching to develop and taylor your personal stories
   - coaching to how to approach recruiting
   - coaching for the interviews and assessment centers

News from UK MBA Schools

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Warwick MBA is tough

Being different is encouraged, working hard is required. But you need to find time to relax also, as a FT MBA 2016 writes into his diary. 

LBS shows that UK still believes in MBA

After three months from graduation, 93% got an offer of employment. If we count also the ones not looking for a job (own/family company, or just wanting a break), then it is clear that pretty much everyone got a job.

Useful Articles

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How to chose your dream school?

Often, getting an MBA is the biggest investment in terms of money and time. Even with the one year programs one end up investing between £50k to £100k  (no salary for a year + support yourself + MBA tuition fee). How much time do you devote to analyzing and crafting a strategy to apply to an MBA? How much money do you invest in getting a proper advise from somebody that has been succesful in makign the jump?

Is an MBA for me?

Yesterday I got a call from somebody who wanted to get an MBA. As this is the most important decision in professional life, usually I start by questioning the reasons behind this decision. And this person has a perfect reason ... not to do an MBA. 

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